Early bird registrations
01 Jan - 12 Mar 11:59 pm
Normální registrace
Deadline 18 Mar 11:59 pm
Pozdní registrace
Deadline 19 Mar 11:59 pm


The Central Queensland Championship is a Championship Tournament for all levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors of all ages.

I realise that I may be merged into another weight, age, belt or even gender category to ensure that I have a match, and that this will be done to the next closest division available, and wave my right for a refund in this event of this occurring!

AFBJJ Membership required
All competitors are required to have current AFBJJ memberships to compete in all AFBJJ nation wide events. In order to compete the online registration process, competitors must authenticate using their AFBJJ membership username/ID & password. If you have any further membership related queries or assistance, please email [email protected]

This event follows the IBJJF rules. All competitors are expected to be familiar with all these rules and the uniform requirements prior to registering for this tournament. Ignorance is not an excuse - please follow this link to see the current IBJJF rules. https://ibjjf.com/rules/

Age Selection
The AFBJJ calculates competitor date of births against the 31-12-2019 (or current year minus year of birth) in alignment with IBJJF rules. So, a competitor born on the 12-09-2005 will therefore compete in the 14 Year Old age group.

Weight Selection
Weights in the drop down box are represented as net with the appropriate Gi or No Gi allowance included in brackets e.g. the 79kg (82.3kg) Gi weight category means a net weight under 79kg and a combined gross weight (including Gi) of under 82.3kg.

Junior No Gi
Due to the current AFBJJ policy regarding Junior No Gi, RESULTS will be listed, However NO RANKING POINTS will be assigned and NO TEAM POINTS will be allocated for Junior No Gi divisions. All other divisions will be listed.

Juniors transitioning to Juvenile & Adult Belt Ranks
The QBJJC recognises that Black Belts & Head Instructors, will know which is the correct rank to graduate a Junior to in the year they turn 16. No Juveniles or Adults may wear Junior coloured belts (Grey, Yellow, Orange or Green) - Instead they must wear either White, Blue or Purple Belts at their instructors discretion!

Registration Dates
- Coupon Discount Registration (on or before Tues March 5)
15% discount on all divisions 
Coupon Code = 2019-QBJJC-CQld

- Early Bird Registration (on or before Tues March 12)
Fees $70 (1st division) / $30 (additional divisions)

- Registration (on or before Mon March 18)
Fees $80 (1st division) / $35 (additional divisions)

- Late Registration (on Tues March 19)
Fees $90 (1st division) /$40 (additional divisions)

The competitor and/or their guardian (if under 18yrs) acknowledges and agrees that the competitor shall be responsible to obtain all or any insurance for loss and/or medical, hospital, life, income protection, personal, property, or any other risk or damage that the competitor may cause or suffer, (whether directly or indirectly) and the competitor covenants that he acknowledges that any failure by the competitor to fully insure himself against any accident, damage, injury, loss, whatsoever, howsoever arising shall be solely at the risk of the competitor.

And the competitor and/or their guardian (if under 18yrs) hereby indemnifies the QBJJC against all and any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the competitor’s involvement in the event or contest. Furthermore, the competitor shall make themselves available at QBJJC's discretion to undergo pre and post bout medical examinations, including drug testing, by duly qualified personal on the day of the event, at the QBJJC’s discretion and shall participate in the event solely at the QBJJC’s discretion, dependent upon the interpretation of the results of those tests at the sole discretion of the QBJJC.

Competitors may only receive their medals whilst standing on the podium with the other competitors who placed in their division. If a competitor does not do this they will not receive their medal at a later date and this action may also cause a disciplinary result, potentially banning a competitor from competing in other divisions at the same tournament - due to bad sportsmanship. Competitors that are eligible for a gift, prize, T-shirt or other awards must collect them on the day of the competition. If they are not collected on the day of the tournament, the competitor is forfeits their right to all gifts, prizes, T-shirts or other awards.

Any competitor that decides to withdraw from the competition prior to the Registration closing, may receive 50% of their fee refunded. Competitors seeking the 50% fee re-compensation must do so before the registration closes or they will be unable to. No entries will be transferred or credited. There are no refunds or credits for this event, no exceptions. You will not be entitled to a refund or credit, regardless of whether or not you participate. By paying for your registration you will be put into a bracket and be called to compete on the day of competition. You will lose your first match by disqualification if you do not show up for your match, do not make the minimum qualification for that bracket, or have an injury or other medical condition that will not allow you to compete. This also includes single competitor categories when you are unable to be merged into another division, or your opponent/s have withdrawn from your division. This also includes divisions where all other opponents withdraw, are disqualified or absent and only one competitor remains. In this instance the single competitor will gain points to be nationally recognised, as well as team points, and be awarded the Gold Medal on the podium, and declared the winner. Here is a link that explains how to cancel your registration and claim your refund. https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/68-i-want-to-cancel-my-registration-how-can-i-do-that

Division changes may be made online through smoothcomp. This must be completed by midday the day after registration closes. Competitors who are from the same team that may be matched or merged, once registration has closed will not be eligible for a refund and will be unable to have their division changed. If competitors in this situation do not compete they will be disqualified and will not receive medals, ranking & team points as well as any gifts or awards associated with that division. Here is a link that explains how to change divisions. https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/89-how-to-change-weightclass-or-cancel


Mackay Judo Club
6 Swayne Street »
Časové pásmo: Australia/Brisbane


  • Kids Gi (under 16) 80 AUD
  • Kids No Gi (under 16) 80 AUD
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 80 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 80 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Juvenile Boys No-Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls No-Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Male No-Gi 80 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 80 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 35 AUD
  • Female Absolute Gi 35 AUD
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 35 AUD
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 35 AUD